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August 2015




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Hello everyone, just got back from touring with a  school production of the musical ” Working”  – we did 12 shows in 4 days performing  at a hospital, a residential treatment facility, a center for adults with developmental disabilities,  and a juvenile detention facility !( it was exhausting  and thats why I have not been posting… SORRY! ) My trip was beyond  amazing on so many levels –  wanted to let you know that  I actually conquered one of my biggest personal  fears… SLEEPING AWAY FROM HOME!  ( I haven’t had a sleepover  in over a year, i’m not a loser, friends sleep at my house- I just wasn’t sleeping out- don’t ask)So, with the few weeks left of summer I encourage you all  to push your personal  boundaries, if FABULUC can, so can you.  Do something to CHALLENGE YOURSELF !!!!!!Also reflecting on my experience on tour and the people I met – I noticed that I often  find myself looking at my micro problems and making them the center of the universe -I’m working on  trying to keep my own issues in perspective and remembering  that everybody has struggles !!!. Some people don’t have their health, a roof to sleep under, a loving family or personal freedom. I am so lucky !!!! ( and looking forward to fun sleepovers all year – my onesie is ready to go )


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