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May 2015




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howdy everyone it is the one and only #fabuluc -its the time of year when I know many of you are super stressed -I know I am  ( term papers and end of semester projects –  ugghh ) well I thought I would give you all a little tip  from moi- to help combat your stress …… for the last year I have  been meditating  and I can not even tell you how beyond powerful  this practice is –  the benefits of meditation  are well documented not only for reducing stress and anxiety , but for enhancing memory and concentration, for aiding in sleep etc ..… i do a 21 minute  practice called “inner engineering” – it’s an” inner yoga “- when i say “yoga”  i don’t mean  anything that involves going into any type of  crazy twisty position. .. i mean yoga  as in  an ancient  technology that opens us up the possibility of  union between the individual and  whole of creation …….  yoga means oneness and this oneness leads to inner peace (sounds ott but true)-i am so lucky to  have a living mediation master in my life -everybody meditate -you are not too young too start!!! …aaauuuummmmm……….#mediationrevoultion# inner engineering


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