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May 2015




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Hi ya’ll its fabuluc-  live from  Boston  with good news!!! just came from appointment with my fantastic orthopedic  surgeon Dr Emans  at Bostons Childrens  and guess what…. my fabuluc curve has actually gone down four degrees!! (I’m now a 48)YAY ME-  I will need to be inseparable from charles  (my brace and  yes he’s pink )  for the next year and a half and keep up with my special schroth scoliosis exercises plus yoga and mediation  and  there is a good chance I will be able to avoid surgery – its not for sure but things are looking good  -#no surgery for now #perserverence #hardwork #embraceyourself- On a lighter note as I had to pack my carry on for this little jaunt to Boston – I thought I’d share a you tube I made about what i carry in my carry on!!!!#successful trip


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